KISTERS Schweiz GmbH
Alte Haslenstrasse 5
CH-9053 Teufen

KISTERS is a group of companies for information management which operates internationally in the field of energy, water, and air resources. The KISTERS group operates around 750 power and gas suppliers in the grid, distribution, and trade in the energy market with EDM and control systems, forecasts, and optimization of resource use. The BelVis energy market system is being used by more than 500 companies. KISTERS is currently the market leader for EDM systems in Germany.

In addition to BelVis EDM the KISTERS group offers further comprehensive solutions for the energy industry:

  • Grid and process control systems
  • Portfolio management
  • Quotation costing and direct costing
  • Forecast management
  • Provision of data online
  • Industrial applications (energy management systems)
  • Remote meter reading and smart metering
  • Optimization of resources in multi-utility companies as well as virtual power plants
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