SAVE technology is an intelligent, digital protection and control unit family (IED) developed in accordance with the IEC 61850 architecture for use in the medium and high-voltage and industry distribution networks. Its highly consolidated function range, subdivided into protection and control­ functions, offers considerable economic advantages for users' operations.­ A unique autonomous supply of device and OFF circuit breaker with an integrated POWER MANAGEMENT allows for maintenance free and high-availability operation. The consequential relinquishment of inbuilt support batteries can guarantee low-maintenance and long-term stable operation.

High-resolution graphic displays and separately built multicolored LEDs help the user to find everything quickly and easily in the comprehensive world of protection and control technology.­ The use  of powerful ARM processors and a uniquely developed real-time operating system allows for a high level of functionality with minimal power consumption. We attach great importance to the highest quality and durability that you expect from the "Swiss made" label. This extreme flexibility enables SAVE devices to be used for a wide range of applications.

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