Modifying and modernizing protection devices

NSE AG's core competency is replacing medium and high-voltage protection technology. We are currently modernizing primary and secondary protection devices in existing substations. At the same time, we are carrying out mechanical adjustments to control cabinets and on-site wiring of secondary technology. Once conversion has been completed, you will of course receive updated schematic drawings and complete test documentation on the protection systems.
We will gladly take on the roles of on-site project management and implementation when you decide to convert and modernize your systems. You can also count on us as a partner when regenerating your systems.
Our in-house protection relays from the SAVE family were made especially as an alternative to Sprecher&Schuh RN1 and RN1.2 protection relays. Our RN1 and RN1 plug connector has a constructive design.Maintaining 2 protection relays and improving the components' functionality. In this way, it is possible to modernize these devices using modern SAVE protection relays with a minimal amount of time.  It only takes a couple of adjustments before our SAVE systems can be used in every existing system in your extremely compact construction.

What we offer:

  • Restructuring of old transformer stations
  • New construction or conversion of measuring and transformer stations
  • Technical equipment for substation systems
  • Adjustments within the power distribution of industrial plants and power plants
  • Customized construction on existing systems (secondary cabinets with protection and control)

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-effective renovation and modernization of your systems
  • Planning, bid, and execution of projects by experienced engineers
  • Project and construction management from a single source
  • Regular primary and secondary protection tests are performed and logged by specialists
  • Creation of new schematics or replacement of individual pages for complete and coordinating system documentation
  • Startup and training by professionals
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