Executing project and construction management

Our many years' experience makes us the ideal partner for converting and modernizing your systems. Our team consists of a healthy combination of experienced and innovative engineers spanning the generations. Thanks to our in-house electrical engineers, not only can we carry out a complete replacement of the systems, but we can also modernize parts of existing systems. For this we offer a unique range of services in the area of low, medium, and high-voltage system technology, guaranteeing that your next conversion is a success.

What we offer:

  • Restructuring of old transformer stations
  • New construction or conversion of measuring and transformer stations
  • Technical equipment for substation systems
  • Adjustments within the power distribution of industrial plants and power plants
  • Customized construction on existing systems (secondary cabinets with protection and control)

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Cost-effective renovation and modernization of your systems
  • Planning, bid, and execution of projects by experienced engineers
  • Project and construction management from a single source
  • Regular primary and secondary protection tests are performed and logged by specialists
  • Creation of new schematics or replacement of individual pages for complete and coordinating system documentation
  • Startup and training by professionals
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